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Foraminiferal Research Consortium

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    FRESCO workshop pictures

    FRESCO workshop pictures

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    24th of June, 2016 : Review of the 1st FRESCO workshop

    The 1st FRESO workshop ("Foraminiferal Research Consortium")  took place on June 24th, 2016 at Angers University.

    For the event, the LPG-BIAF welcomed 34 participants (among which 9 invited scientists of potential new international partners (Portugal, Israel ( x2 ), Russia, Norway, the USA)).

    This day not only allowed to present the FRESCO project, the actions carried out and those to come, but also to provide an opportunity to have fruitful scientific exchanges as well as reflections on the implementation of an European project.

    One of the objectives of this workshop was also to discuss the implementation of a FRESCO summer school in 2017 on "living benthic foraminifera in coastal environments".

    This summer school will have 2 main options, "integrated experimental approaches" and "biomonitoring", and will take place at Angers University on the 1st week of July, 2017.

    The detailed schedule will be soon available on the FRESCO website.

    FRESCO team
    FRESCO partners  at the workshop
    Thierry Jauffrais, Post-doctorant FRESCO (Angers University , France)
    Emmanuelle Geslin - Scientific leader of the FRESCO project (Angers University, France)
    Edouard Metzger (Angers University, France)
    Magali Schweizer (Angers University, France)
    Sigal Abramovich (Ben Gurion University - Israel)
    Ahuva Almogi-Labin (Geological Survey of Israel)
    Joachim Schoenfeld (GEOMAR - Germany)
    Bruno Jesus (MMS - Nantes, France)
    Jaroslaw Tyszka (Polish academy of sciences - Poland)