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Foraminiferal Research Consortium

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    Practical courses detail

    Practical courses detail

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    Detail of the practical courses: “integrated experimental approaches”

    PC 1: Sampling preparation – CTG Observation

    • Slicing core/ CTG labelling (E. Geslin/ E. Beneteau/J. Bernhard)
    • Sample Sieving  (explanation of ludox treatment)
    • Observation of living foraminifera (pseudopods, activity, burrow) 


    PC 2: Living foraminifera – Respiration rate

    • Fluorescence observation (CTG, Flec)
    • O2 respiration rates/photosynthesis: Measurement in dark conditions
    • O2 respiration rates: Calculation  


    PC 3: Geochemistry

    • O2 profiles : measurement
    • O2 profiles : calculation