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    PhD positions

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    PhD thesis (3 years) at Angers University (France)

    Study of biological and geochemical interactions in intertidal mudflats: multidisciplinary approach at different scales

    1st September 2017


    Application deadline: Friday 26th May, 2017

    Supervisor: Emmanuelle Geslin (LPG, University of Angers)
    Co-supervision: Aurélia Mouret (University of Angers), Bruno Jesus (University of Nantes)

    Further information: contact Emmanuelle Geslin (emmanuelle.geslin @ univ-angers.fr)


    Download the ad «PhD VENAM Angers_VEng.pdf» (38.5 KB)

    PhD thesis (3 years) at Nantes University (France)

    Role of intertidal microbial biodiversity in sediment ecosystem functions

    31st August 2017


    Application deadline: Monday 6th February, 2017

    Supervisors: Dr. Bruno Jesus (University of Nantes), Dr. Cédric Hubas (MNHN) and Prof. Laurent Barillé (University of Nantes)

    Further information: contact Dr. Bruno Jesus (bruno.jesus @ univnantes.fr) or Dr. Cédric Hubas (cedric.hubas @ mnhn.fr)

    Download the ad «PhD_Bio-TIDE.pdf» (31.6 KB)

    PhD thesis (3 years) at Angers University

    The role of the Ammonia tepida species complex in coastal ecosystems of the eastern Atlantic margin

    1st September 2016

    Starting: september 2016

    Supervisors: Frans Jorissen & Aurélia Mouret

    Further information: frans.jorissen @ univ-angers.fr


    Télécharger le fichier «PhD thesis english.pdf» (16.9 KB)