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    Practical courses detail

    Practical courses detail

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    Detail of the practical courses of option 1: “integrated experimental approaches”

    PC 1:  Core sampling preparation – CTG labelling

    • Slicing sediment cores at high resolution (every 2 mm)
    • Cell Tracker Green  labelling
    • Sample sieving
    • Fluorescence observation (CTG labelled living foraminifera)


    PC 2: Living foraminifera – Respiration rate

    • Observation of living foraminifera (pseudopods, activity, burrow)
    • O2 respiration /photosynthesis rates: Measurement using O2 microsensors under light and dark  conditions
    • O2 respiration rates: Calculation  


    PC 3: Sediment geochemistry – O2 profiles

    • O2 profiles in the sediment : measurement using microsensors
    • O2 profiles : calculation


    PC 4: Feeding experiment

    • In situ sampling of microphytobenthos 
    • Exp. with selected specimens vs propagule method


    Detail of the practical courses of option 2: “Biomonitoring"

    PC 1:  Sediment

    • Sediment sampling and sample treatment according to the FOBIMO protocol
    • Sediment profiling and geochemistry


    PC 2: Foraminiferal taxonomy


    PC 3: Biomonitoring exercises

    • Part 1: Picking of Rose Bengal stained samples (staining criteria)
    • Part 2: Quantification of the faunal composition in samples of the learning 
    • Part 3: Data interpretation and application of ecological indices
    • Part 4: Synthesis, reporting, oral presentation of the main results